Kazan Smart City’s medical cluster will cultivate an ecosystem of cutting-edge medicine and innovation in the private sector through internationally-operated teaching hospitals, diagnostic and research centers, a medical technopark, and medical equipment and biomedical manufacturing.

The medical cluster will focus on establishing a center of excellence in education, research, manufacturing, and care. The establishment of this medical cluster comes as the Russian Federation has launched a strategic initiative to encourage the localization of the production of medical products within the country, providing an excellent platform for foreign companies that need to meet these requirements.

High technology

One hundred and two hectares of Kazan Smart City are part of the Special Economic Zone Innopolis and will serve as the heart of Kazan Smart City’s high technology cluster. In addition to the tax preferences offered to Kazan Smart City residents, residents of the Special Economic Zone will receive additional federal tax preferences on corporate tax and personal income tax.

The goal of the Special Economic Zone is to attract investment from multinational companies in high technology, human capital intensive production. With its close proximity to Kazan International Airport, a free customs zone, and a range of tax preferences, this Special Economic Zone will be an important catalyst in the development of Kazan Smart City.


This sector will fuel the economy of Kazan Smart City and the Greater Kazan area with highly-skilled specialists matriculating from world-class research and educational facilities in the Knowledge and Education Precinct. The heart of this precinct will be the Multivaristy campus, which will aggregate together departments from leading global universities, providing a unique educational atmosphere with no parallel in Russia. The cluster will also feature an international school, a medical and research center, and an intellectual property development research center.


With its close proximity to Kazan International Airport, the Volga river, federal highway M-7 and the trans-Siberian railway, Kazan Smart City will add important synergies to the thriving tourism sector of Kazan and Tatarstan, helping in particularly to develop business tourism, medical tourism, educational tourism, and urban tourism. Kazan Smart City will feature a range of tourist attractions, among them the International Exhibition and Convention Center, an art museum, show rooms, and parks. It will also benefit from its close proximity to the City of Kazan, one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Russia boasting among over things the Kazan Kremlin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These attractions will fuel the tourism cluster of Kazan Smart City, with hotels, tour operators, restaurants, and a host of other services.