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Quick Facts
105 ha of Parkland
Metropolitan Park: 46 ha
Components: Parkland and park amenities, religious facilities, arts and cultural facilities, green Infrastructure

The Kazan Smart City shall respect the natural environment system and enhances it further to create urban ecology and bio-diversity that will contribute towards high environmental quality, sequestration of carbon as well as quality living.

Kazan Smart City master plan seeks to create a comprehensive green network for the City, where existing green areas are preserved and new ones are developed; and a network of greens is created by linking the major parks in the City through natural and man-made connectors.

Located in the center of the Kazan Smart City development, the Metropolitan park seamlessly integrates Kazan Smart City with the surrounding natural landscape.

This Metropolitan park will become a platform for social interaction for the entire region, as well as cultural exchange and environmental sustainability.

In total, 105 hectares of Kazan Smart City — or 17% of development area — will be parklands. These parks play a crucial role in ensuring that Kazan Smart City maintains a breathable, livable environment