Kazan Smart City news

27 Aug

Tatarstan Investment Development Agency and the Korean Association of «Smart Home» signs a protocol of intent

The parties agreed on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in the IT-sphere at the Kazan Smart City and the republic as a whole.

Protocol of intent was signed during the meeting of Korea Association of Smart Home - KASH) Vice-President Lee Chhung Ho and LG CNS (part of KASH) Managing Director Kim Daё Young with the leadership of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency and Tatarstan Development Corporation. 

The guests acquainted with investment opportunities of the Republic of Tatarstan and the priorities of the region. The main theme to discuss was the possibilities of cooperation within Kazan Smart City project. 

Kim Dae Young said during a meeting about the work of LG CNS in the field of «smart» technologies. The guests underscored the convenient location of the site and stated that the development of such project gives opportunities to use the «smart» technology and entering the world market. 

Lee Choong Ho said that before the visit to the Republic of Tatarstan to KASH companies was presented Kazan Smart City project
and they expressed interest in it. The purpose of the KASH Vice-President visit is to become more familiar with the project implemented in Kazan. After the signing of the Protocol of Intent for guests was organized a visit to the territory of Kazan Smart City. 

About KASH

Korea Association of Smart Home – KASH is a world leader in «Smart Home». The range of KASH services is diverse: from information and communication technologies («smart» home, «smart» mobile phones, «smart» machines) to «smart» education and «smart environment». The association's motto sounds like «The combination of the living environment with information technology in order to maintain national welfare, profits and ensure intellectual environment». Development of ecosystem for «smart» home KASH began in 2003. 

The association includes such world leaders in the field of telecommunications services as: Samsung, LG, SK telecom, KT, Hyundai teelecom et al. KASH President is the current president of Samsung Electronics Phё Hong Vaughn. 

Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Press Service