Kazan Smart City news

05 Mar

On «Invest in Tatarstan – 2014» signes four agreements on cooperation in Kazan Smart City project

Signing ceremony took place during the gala-dinner with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Ildar Khalikov.

Memorandum of Understanding between the «Kazan» International airport and a Singaporean Radiance Hospitality Group. The document was signed by airport CEO Alexey Starostin and «Corporation Radiance Kazan» CEO Lim Shu Chien. 

Cooperation will be implemented on the activities of the «Kazan» International airport, hotel and office center - the first object of Singaporean Radiance Hospitality Group in Russia, which will be built on the territory of Kazan Smart City. 

«Kazan» International airport, whose territory is close to Kazan Smart City, today takes about 2 million passengers per year. It is planned that by 2020 it will reach 5 million people. 

Under the memorandum hotel and office center, which will be located on the territory of the social and business center of Kazan Smart City, will provide a wide range of services, including the provision of passenger traffic in «Kazan» International airport by luxury apartments and offices, as well as holding business and exhibition events at the international level. 

Close location of Kazan Smart City to the «Kazan» International airport makes the project as a full-fledged aerotropolis - urban city, whose life is inextricably connected with the airport. 

Memorandum of Cooperation on the project of financing the Kazan Smart City first object - hotel and office center - signed between the Radiance Hospitality Group company and branch of Sberbank of Russia «Bank of Tatarstan». The document was signed by Lim Shu Chien and «Bank of Tatarstan» Deputy CEO Maryam Davletshina. 

The Investment agreement of Singaporean Radiance Hospitality Group
to build in the Kazan Smart City three objects: a hotel and office center, University of Management and Hospitality and apartment hotel was signed in October 2013 at the V International Economic Summit of Russia and the OIC countries (KazanSummit 2013). The company is investing 180 million dollars. Construction of the first object - hotel and office center will begin this year. 

«This memorandum was signed within the framework of a cooperation agreement with the Republic of Tatarstan in the field of foreign economic activity, - noted Maryam Davletshina. - We are very pleased to participate in the implementation of such an innovative project as Kazan Smart City». 

Another memorandum of understanding Radiance Hospitality Group has signed with «Royal Time Group». The document was signed by "Royal Time Group" CEO Rashid Taymasov and «Corporation Radiance Kazan» CEO Lim Shu Chien. 

Protocol of Intentions between JSC «Tatarstan Development Corporation» and the «Virgin Connect» became the fourth document signed within the first day of the II International Winter Forum «Invest in Tatarstan – 2014». Protocol on the development of the telecommunications infrastructure in Kazan Smart City was signed by the Tatarstan Development Corporation CEO Bulat Gayanov and Director of sales to the federal clients Maria Rozhnova. 

Virgin Connect will take part in the creation of telecommunications infrastructure of «smart» city. The company plans to create a modern and multifunctional communication center and include it in the structure of the Virgin’s national network in the Russian Federation, as well as to organize the local operating office for service and supporting all customers and services in Kazan Smart City. 

Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Press Service