Kazan Smart City news

28 Feb

KSUAE students write a diplomas on the Kazan Smart City project

Students of the 6th year of the Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (KSUAE) Dilyra Galiyeva, Lilya Muhamethanova, Gulnaz Samigullina and Daria Shaldymova at the meeting with Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Chief Executive Linar Yakupov told about the projects on International Investment technopolis.

In discussing the diplomas also attended Tatarstan Development Corporation CEO Bulat Gayanov, Tatarstan Development Corporation Architect Elmira Nizamieva and Lecturer in the KGASU Faculty of Architecture Design Anna Novikova. 

Agreement on cooperation in the field of scientific and practical activities on the creation, participation and partnership in projects aimed at the implementation of Kazan Smart City research projects between the Technopolis’ operator - Tatarstan Development Corporation and KGASU was signed in July 2013. Under the signed document the sides agreed to intensify training and practice of the Republic of Tatarstan in attracting KGASU students and young professionals into the project. 

In 2013 in KGASU were passed four diplomas, in 2014 will be presented 10 diplomas on the theme of Kazan Smart City. As told in a meeting in Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, Dilara, Lilya, Gulnaz and Daria, projects development in terms of such interesting site as Kazan Smart City enables future architects to show their creativity, use new technologies, original and innovative ideas. 

KGASU students write their graduation works on the base of technic specification, taken from the detailed master plan of Kazan Smart City. In addition, in the work performed «evaluation of green standards». 

Objects selected for diploma are various – this is shopping and entertainment complex, the university campus, the multifunctional sports complex and Expo Center. Dilyra Galiyeva writes a diploma about residential complex on the territory of Kazan Smart City. Lilya Muhamethanova in her research designs multifunctional sport complex, where, according to her idea, will be built flyover, connecting the campus with the sports complex, created artificial ponds, placed sports equipment renting places. In his project, Lilya focuses on maximum safety of the environment. In the diploma of Darya Shaldymova
the main place takes an entertainment complex. She said that this is the most interesting area for attracting investments. In the center of the first floor Dasha places the unusual installation or fountain, has Tatar decorations and installs solar panels on the roof. On the upper floors locates restaurants, fashion boutiques, large stores of famous brands. She noted that shopping mall should be bright, original, with a various entertainment places, where people want to return again and again. 

Was also presented the work of the student named Eugeniy, whose work is related to the University campus, where he uses a modular approach. In particular, he connects the campus with student dormitory. 

Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Chief Executive Linar Yakupov advised to the students in the preparation of architectural images of objects to use current trends in urban planning and architecture, take into consideration the development of real estate market, to develop projects as close as possible to reality. 

Bulat Gayanov made a recommendation to integrate technical parameters of objects - water cleaning systems, garbage collection and conservation. 

At the meeting also discussed the international experience in building innovative, «smart» cities, urban development trends, the latest technology, the creation of people’s comfortable living conditions. Linar Yakupov underscored that the main in Kazan Smart City – are people. First of all, it is a city for people.

«The main in technopolis is a man, their living, life, business, recreation conditions, - underscored Linar Yakupov. - This new style of life will allow avoiding the problems that exist today in Kazan, Moscow, in any other major metropolis». 

Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Chief Executive Linar Yakupov noted that project should be interesting and functional, accessible, easy to operate. «Kazan Smart City should be your great experimental platform, - Linar Yakupov noted. - Learn, practice, create, this is your playground, use your options».

KGASU Teacher Anna Novikova at the end of the meeting noted that during discussions to the students were given a set of vital and relevant topics, which can make urban planning more realistic. 

Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Press Service