Design Principles

The Kazan Smart City master plan was developed
around five main design principles

  1. 01 Eco-urbanism
    Urban development will coexist with natural environment
    Natural vegetation will be preserved
    Assurance of high environmental quality embedded into blueprint of planning
  2. 02 Smart growth
    Kazan Smart City will adopt smart growth principle
    Development designed with varying intensities
    Encouragement of mixed-use development that will be integrated with transportation
  3. 03 Smart location
    Kazan Smart City is a catalytic development creating high impacts to the regional and local economy
    Creation of clusters of economic activity that will benefit local business as well as provide opportunities for the emergence of new economies
  4. 04 Low carbon
    Emphasis on design solutions that will reduce carbon emissions
    Environment, transportation, infrastructure, and buildings all designed to reduce carbon emission
  5. 05 Inclusive and identity
    Kazan Smart City will provide for inclusivity, with employment opportunities, choice of housing, access to education and community facilities
    Strong emphasis on local identity