Global Positioning

Kazan Smart City lies on the forefront of two related trends, emerging markets growth and the emergence of international, smart cities.

As one of the most economically developed regions within Russia's large, fast-growing emerging economy, the Republic of Tatarstan and its capital of Kazan are in an ideal position to capitalize on these changes and on the shifts of the global economy. Kazan Smart City’s central location and business-friendly environment, will help position the region as a new center of excellence, not only in Russian but also within the texture of the global economy. In doing so, Kazan Smart City will strengthen Tatarstan's position globally, establishing itself as a global center for international business and knowledge development.

Kazan Smart City will also address one of the most pressing challenges currently facing the world, sustainable development. The Republic of Tatarstan is committed to ensuing that its development within the emerging Russian economy will be carried out so as to ensure that future generations will have livable, sustainable communities. For this reason, Kazan Smart City has been planned holistically, according to the latest advancements in environmentalism and green standards. As a result, Kazan Smart City joins the ranks of Masdar City (Abu Dhabi), Songdo (South Korea), and dozens of other smart cities reknowned for their sustainable, carbon free, and eco-friendly nature.

The development of Kazan Smart City is therefore part of a larger, global trend to establish innovative, sustainable city models that meet the aspirations of the local population. Being part of this global trend will also help strengthen Kazan Smart City's legitimacy as a truly global hub for economic growth, where job creation and investment are just as important as livability and sustainability.

Regional Positioning

In addition to lying on the forefront of global development trends, Kazan Smart City is also seamlessly integrated into the regional framework of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The emergence of Kazan Smart City is part of the overall development of the Greater Kazan area, the most economically diverse region within the Republic of Tatarstan with a total land area of 7,075 sq km. Kazan Smart City lies just beyond the southern border of the City of Kazan, 15 kilometers from the city center and adjoins to Kazan International Airport. The development of Kazan Smart City is happening in conjunction with several other mega development projects in the Greater Kazan area, among them the expansion of Kazan International Airport, the development of Kazan Administration Centre, Innopolis, and the Sviyazhsk multimodal interregional logistic center.

The development of Greater Kazan is being supported by two large infrastructure development projects. First, a ring road is being built around the perimeter of Greater Kazan, linking into existing infrastructure and improving mobility within the region. Second, a $30 billion federal railway development program will link Kazan to Moscow by a high-speed train, cutting down the travel time by rail between the two cities from 14 hours to just 3.5 hours by 2018.